Energy Snapô

Only Sunshine Forecast has a patented system that was developed to make the installation of a radiant heat barrier quick and safe.  It uses a pole applicator to prevent from having to crawl into tight areas of a truss system and it will not damage existing insulation.  Energy Snapô is manufactured in two sizes for trusses of 16 or 24 inches on center.

Patented Energy Snapô uses a two-sided aluminum radiant barrier.  The foil is reinforced for durability and easy installation.  The reflective material contains small perforations to prevent the buildup of humidity in the attic.  Attics are constantly adapting to changing climates, in which, the perforations allow the system to perform with the rest of the materials of the envelope.

Energy Snapô has retaining rods built into the radiant barrier to provide a more secure attachment than conventional methods.  The product will not pull away over time or pull out as a stapled system does.  Wind blowing through the attic will not hurt the installation only causing the retaining rods to grip deeper into the wooden trusses.

The concave shape of Energy Snapô after installation keeps the buildup of dust to a minimum.  Other types of radiant barrier (blown or rolled over the top of existing insulation) can collect dust over time which will dramatically reduce the energy efficiency.



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